Some Exciting Updates to the 5 Series

When it comes to quality vehicles, few models can equate to the sheer power, comfort, and design of the all-new 2017 BMW 5 Series.

Updated Design - Same Standard of Quality

When you think of the 5 Series, the first thing that may come to mind is the 6th generation model, with all of its elegance and performance. It may be hard to believe that the 7th generation has continued, and built on, this incredible vehicle. It has, though, and the additions are astounding!

Firstly, there is more power underneath the hood. Crafted to excellence, this powerful, luxury sedan can jump from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. The engine surges more power into your drive, allowing you to feel the rumble in your hands when you grip the wheel.

Moreover, the updated exterior styling is as sporty and aerodynamic as ever. With changes like the updated headlights that now flow seamlessly into the kidney grille and the new opening and closing function of the active air stream kidney grille that improves aerodynamics and reduces CO2 emissions.

Modern Technology Meets Tried-and-True Design

The new 7th generation 5 Series adds a host of new features to get excited about. The 2017 5 Series is the first vehicle to utilize iDrive 6.0, which feeds you live content. It can understand your natural speech patterns to execute your commands. You can also use hand gestures to control navigation, communication, and entertainment. Not only do these features add to the driving experience, they also allow you to focus on the road while retaining all of the versatility you need in a drive.

Want to Learn More?

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