The All-New 2017 BMW 5 Series - Overview

BMW Enthusiasts in Mechanicsburg Will Love the 2017 5 Series

When it comes to quality vehicles, there are few models that combine power, elegance, and superior artisanship like the all-new 2017 5 Series - 530i and 540i. Not only do they offer some incredible technological features, a sturdy frame, and incredible aerodynamic design, both sedans also provide you with a luxurious interior, and a memorable drive.

2017 530i: A Memorable Experience

There have been a few excellent additions to the 530i. The main thing most will notice immediately is that the 530i is the 4-cylinder model of the 5 Series lineup, and will be replacing the 528i from the previous generation. There have been large improvements to the engine and performance capabilities of this car, with added horsepower, and some incredible technological innovation.

2017 540i: Own the Road

The 2017 540i is another example of the exquisite artisanship known to all BMW models. The 540i is the 6-cylinder model of the 5 Series lineup, and will be replacing the 535i from last year. It, additionally, has some impressive improvements, from a luxurious interior, to new technological prowess, to the same exhilarating power the 530i has.

Both of these large sedans also utilize iDrive 6.0 - a revolutionary technological feature that feeds you live updates, can register gestures you make with your hands to control navigation and communication needs, and can understand your natural speech pattern to make for more seamless commanding.


Want to Experience the 2017 5 Series For Yourself?

We know that reading about an amazing car is not the same as experiencing one. We are getting the first wave of these fast and exciting cars in the first week of February. We implore you to schedule a test drive with us, so that you can be first in line to get behind the wheel of one of these excellent models.

Stop by Sun Motor Cars BMW in Mechanicsburg, PA, and our team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions about these cars or any of the other models on our lot and in our showroom.