The BMW 2 Series debuted back in 2014, offering a rich assortment of looks for these powerful executive cars. However, a new look for the two series emerged last year and combines different aspects of a sedan and coupe into one unique model: introducing the 2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe! Through its distinctive look, powerful engine options, and agile handling, this brand-new executive car offers a fun option for work or play. Enjoy the 2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe for yourself today here at Sun Motor Cars BMW, located on Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg, PA, and less than a 20-minute derive outside of Carlisle.

The Gran Coupe as a Sedan

The BMW Gran Coupe combines the performance, door configuration, and style of your typical BMW sedan. Both of the available engines for this model offer turbocharged performance and responsive acceleration, enabling you to hit highway speeds outside York, PA, with the greatest of ease. Each model offers a plethora of technology, which you will not find on base trim levels of other sedans like it, including a 10-speaker sound system, Dynamic Cruise Control, and the Live Cockpit Professional.

The Gran Coupe as a Coupe

Of course, as its name suggests, the 2 Series Grand Coupe brings in elements of a coupe, including its compact size, nimble handling, and sleek exterior design. However, while it offers a similar design, the outside doors of this executive car set it apart from conventional coupes. Instead of providing only two doors, this 2 Series model offers four, with quick and easy access to the backseats. This configuration eliminates the hassle of reclining the seats to allow your backseat passengers to board in Lancaster, opting to let each passenger have their entry door. This feature helps turn an ordinary coupe into a grand coupe for all to enjoy!

Test Drive the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Today!

Shoppers in Harrisburg, PA will find the 2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe located less than a half-hour away from their home city in Mechanicsburg, PA. We invite shoppers throughout Cumberland County to check out this new compact executive car at Sun Motor Cars BMW and to speak to our financing team about your best purchase or lease options moving forward. Visit us today!