The Highest Level of Performance: The BMW M Series

BMW has always had a rich history of high-performance vehicles that deliver a thrilling driving experience. But BMW is taking powerful performance one step further with an impressive lineup of eight different BMW M models that are packed with power normally reserved for the track.


Have a closer look at the details that make the BMW #M3 CS a powerhouse. #BMWNAIAS

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Built and designed to thrill BMW M models use lightweight materials, like carbon fiber, to reduce weight for ideal agility. M models also feature state-of-the-art TwinTurbo technology that packs a punch. BMW M models are also styled for a higher level of performance. The aggressive and bold style of a BMW M Model helps reduce drag, super cool the engine, and distinguish yourself from the crowd.

The best way to explore which BMW M model is best for you, be sure to make your way down to Sun Motor Cars BMW to go for a test drive. After you take a BMW M model for a drive you will be wondering how this level of power is street legal!

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